""Newest bolly dolly SUNNY LEONE here In India"

Well well what do we have here …..ladies and gentlemen open your hearts to something never seen before , something new and something different and welcome her into your living rooms , your drawing rooms and a into a topic for discussions on your dinner table . Yes we are talking about newest bolly dolly SUNNY LEON here. Yes we have heard before about Indians or NRI's making big names and rising to fame in the far western worlds but I am quiet sure that none of us would have thought about this before , a porn star is going to be seen swinging around in the latest drama of The BIG BOSS. About 6 years earlier when Sania mirza came on to the big stage wearing the tight white skirt then it caused a major concerns for the so called moral police of the country ,some people demanded that she should play competitive international tennis wearing salwar-suits .

well , there is no arguing with them . But as a result sania once contemplated changing her nationality to some other country . here we have a question to ask ourselves , is this the kind of society that we want to handover to our children where all the women kind is seen nothing more than a sex object? On a different note it would rather be intresting to see how dose the Moral police of the country react now , especially here when they have no control , it will be intresting to see how the shiv senas and ram jan saniks react to all this new found fever of the country.