"India choose to surrender it's No.1 test team status"

As the situation is, Indian cricket's ownership of the numero uno status will be a bit like a budget airline's with an airport….they land and then take a quick turnaround and fly back to the unending dark skies. MSD (in a press release after 3rd test): :This is the best team that I have . At least he being gentleman he is takes the responsibility on the entire team and makes no excuses. Remember the year as u like , either the year India rose to win the WORLD CUP or The year india choose to surrender it's No.1 test team status. For those possessed of independent thought and an appreciation of our game have been suggesting that the ascent was unlikely to result in a long reign. And there is a reason rather more different than disdain for the subcontinent or those who inhabit it.

Its not completely fair to India to loose the spot where firstly, They don't have their best bowler. Secondly, they did not have 2 of their best batsmen ( sehwag and gambhir) for most of the tour.. Thirdly, lead spinner's place empty due to harbajan's strain(god knows what caused it: poor fitness or poor fitness)….Fourthly, they are playing in England, we all know what effect do seaming conditions have .(small poor country's nearness to sea which causes swing whenever u want ) …..ofcource had they been playing in India then the story would have been different…

        All said and done but the story remains the same , they came out to bat 5 times in 3 tests(coz they did'n need to in 2nd innings of 3rd test). And out of those 5, Strauss had to declare 4 times . Declaring lately has become a daily routine for him these days. We could only manage to take 10 wickets only once.

Well , not surprisingly, All great teams over the years have been built around outstanding bowling sides; indeed, have represented an excellent bowling units. West Indies seemed to have an unending supply of fast bowlers that lasted for nearly 15 years, and Australia, whose best four were probably McGrath, Warne, Gillespie and Lee, also had a great bench strength ,that could easily make first choice for any international outfit( Stuart MacGill, Andy Bichel, Damien Fleming) For India to stay No. 1 they needed more depth: replacements for the ageing Zaheer Khan, the suddenly inconsistent Harbhajan . Only Ishant Sharma has seemed to fit the stage, sporadically. New-ball bowlers have come and gone with the frequency of coalition ministers (Irfan Pathan, L Balaji, Abhimanyu Mithun, Jaidev Unadkat, Umesh Yadav, Pankaj Singh, RP Singh for a start), and now even spinners, like grants for the impoverished, are being lost in transit.

Imagine you are a selector and have to make a list of spinners to play for India. You would start with Harbhajan but wouldn't move much past Amit Mishra, Pragyan Ojha and R Ashwin. Maybe you would add Piyush Chawla to that list, though he seems to have acquired stagnancy too. India have sent left-arm spinners Iqbal Abdulla and Bhargav Bhatt to the Emerging Players tournament, and legspinner Rahul Sharma looks a prospect over a 50-over game. Maybe the time has come to blood Ashwin, a fine, thoughtful cricketer who takes his batting seriously but has yet to run through sides. His finest moments have come in 20-over cricket, but fine players of spin bowling like Sanjay Manjrekar and Navjot Sidhu think his time has come. And maybe Ojha needs a comforting arm around the shoulder and lots of bowling in longer games.

But for India to be the best team in Test cricket, there must be a settled bowling line-up, at least some members of which will keep the opposition awake. At the moment, while people may not be queuing up to bat, they aren't exactly quaking in their boots either.

  • Now it dose't matter what the score is coz the margin is only getting bigger and beter:
  • 1st match india lost by 196 runs.
  • 2nd match india lost by 319 runs.
  • 3rd match india loose by AN INNINGS AND 242 runs.
  • Just as a formality here are ths scores of 3rd test:
  • India 224/10 (55.3)
  • England 710/7 Decl (188.1)
  • India 244 all out and undone and dethroned from number 1 test spot.